vrijdag 1 oktober 2010

Mick Foley Interview, And another one, along with more news.

Mick Foley did 2 interviews (that I know of) in the past couple of days. One is with former employer WWE, the other one was with the Huffington Post. Both are about several topics, although mainly about his new, and fourth book called Countdown to Lockdown (Image).
He donated his entire book advance for Countdown to Lockdown of $100,000 to charity. The two main charities donated to were RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) and ChildFund International. Foley is also working once a week for RAINN as a hotline volunteer.
Now, I don't want to see any obviously funny-meant comments about rape or abuse or anything. Keep it clean, if you want to talk about those things, you can go and find another spot for it. Thank you.

Hulk Hogan is due to undergo yet another surgical procedure on his back this Monday.
He was in the hospital yesterday undergoing x-rays and was originally scheduled for surgery today, however due to a religious holiday, his doctor postponed till Monday.
He also reached a settlement in his lawsuit against Post Foods. Hogan claimed in May of this year that Post was using his likeness in a commercial for Cocoa Pebbles Cereal. Hogan claimed a character named Hulk Boulder used his likeness. The terms of the settlement are confidential.

TNA star Kurt Angle is engaged.
Angle’s new fiancé is 24-year-old model Giovanna Yannotti. Angle met Yannotti, who is 17 years younger than him, on the set of End Game and the couple dated for several months before becoming engaged.
News of Angle’s engagement comes in light of his ex-wife, Karen Angle, announcing her engagement to Jeff Jarrett.
Yannotti  has been at a lot of the TNA shows lately and believe it or not, her and Karen have been hanging out, even traveling together to shows together!
A picture of his fiancee can be found here.
His fiancee also announced on Twitter earlier this week, that Kurt and herself are expecting a child.

Hernandez has not been on hand for TNA events in recent months because he is on loan to the Mexican based AAA promotion due to a talent exchange. Management has lost faith in pushing him as a singles star because his ring work has not progressed at the rate they feel it should.

Regarding Sting’s future with TNA, his current deal expires at the end of this year and the situation is similar to what it is every year. Sting usually enters the year with the idea that it will be his last and then once the end of the year is coming up, Dixie Carter pushes him to re-sign for one more year.
It’s said that Sting has never been less interested than he is right now but it’s hard to turn down the good money and limited schedule that TNA offers him.
If Sting leaves TNA, he’s expected to be invited by WWE to the Hall of Fame next year in Atlanta. One source close to Sting says that a spot with WWE won’t be a factor at all in his decision to stay with TNA and he’s not someone who cares about a Hall of Fame.

Jeff Jarrett met with AAA officials in Mexico this past week to talk about doing more talent exchanges. TNA has offered Zorro a contract and he is expected to be in a new stable with Abyss. Dixie Carter apparently saw tapes of Zorro and liked him.
TNA is also interested in bringing in Jack Evans and Extreme Tiger. Jarrett is looking at bringing in more high-flying luchadores to TNA. AAA is looking to bring in The Motor City Machineguns.

That is all for my first post, I hope you guys enjoyed it. Keep in mind, I do not personally watch TNA, partially because it doesn't show on television here in Holland, and partially because, well, I don't know anybody who does, personally. I might start watching it though. We'll see.

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  1. That talent exchange thing sounds pretty cool. I'd like to see some of the mexican talent without having to watch a whole other show. And I kind of hope Sting leaves TNA, mostly just because of how poorly they're using him.

  2. I personally hope that Sting will return to the WWE. But alas, one can only hope...

  3. I appreciate you visiting my blog and providing input on my most recent post.

  4. Congrats to Kurt Angle and his engagement. Although the large age difference is odd... Any idea how far along the baby is?

  5. Man i need to learn more about this all.

  6. @ Shaking Hatian, I tried to figure it out man, I read all her twitter messages (ugh) and searched all over, but I couldn't find a clue. I'm sorry. As soon as I do find out, I'll let you know.

  7. I look forward to your future posts, this was actually a quality read.

  8. I think its stupid that Hulks doctor rescheduled but I think its stupid he is suing the cereal people

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