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Hulk Hogan's weirdness, Incident involving Jeff Hardy at TNA iMPACT tapings.

As you all have probably heard by now, recently a video game website (Kotaku.com) posted an odd video of TNA star Hulk Hogan playing the new "Def Jam Rapstar" video game with Jimmy Hart and his daughter, Brooke.
Everything is fine until Hulk apparently gets bored with the game and flashes his "junk" to the camera. Yes, he flashed his penis with his daughter standing several feet away. Brooke saw what went down and responded with a surprised "Whoa, Dad, whoa" as the video cuts out.
It should be noted that Hogan received a lot of negative press several years back when photos leaked online of him applying tanning oil to his daughters butt and legs. Hulk's current real-life girlfriend also looks like Brooke's identical twin.
Hogan's private parts were censored in the video with a black box, but it was pretty apparent exactly what Hogan was doing.
Now, Hogan has gone on Twitter and has responded to the story:
"Be on the lookout for press, from people apologizing and releases of real footage from the video with nothing but good, clean fun"
He then added:
"My real friends and fans know what I'm really all about and after 30 years, I'm not about public displays of private parts."
A link to this new, uncensored, short version of the video can be found here.
I was going to place a link to it on the "here" part of the last line, but I can't find a link to the video. I'll edit it in as soon as I have it.

TNA Wrestling officials have had discussions with former WWE performer Serena Deeb in regards to joining the organization.
Serena was part of CM Punk's Straight Edge Society back when she was still at the WWE.

In an effort to protect the health of wrestlers and reduce the frequency of concussions, TNA Wrestling has banned unprotected chair shots to the head, according to Ken Anderson.
Anderson told the Between The Ropes radio show this week, "TNA has absolutely thrown down the gauntlet and said no more unprotected chair shots... And every time there is a chair involved in the ring, the agents will come up and say please make sure for me that you are not going to ... that you're going to put your hand up. Please tell me you're going to put your hand up or it's going to be a back shot or something like that."
Anderson, who is currently out of action after a chair shot from Jeff Hardy busted his head open and caused a concussion, says even when wrestlers try to protect each other, accidents happen.
"The chair shot that I received from Jeff Hardy was not intended to hit the back of my head. I heard through the grapevine that there were some people who were concerned about that. That was an accident and, you know what, in our business, accidents are going to happen."

Bobby Lashley has relaunched his website, which you can check out at http://www.lashleyperformance.com/

Jeff Hardy returns to court on December 8th in Superior Court of Moore County in North Carolina. He faces the following charges:
* Conspiracy to Traffic in Opium
* Trafficking in Opium by Possession
* 2 Counts of Possession with Intent to Distribute
* Felony Possession of Cocaine
* Felony Maintaining a Controlled Substance in a Vehicle/Dwelling/Place
* Misdemeanor Possession of Drug Paraphernalia  

Scott Hall is hospitalized after undergoing surgery to implant a pacemaker in his heart. Sid Vicious discussed Hall's health during an interview last night with Ring Side Radio:

"His condition is this, I think everybody knows a little about, he just received a little thing in his heart where it monitors his heart beat and if it gets too low it kicks his heart back in because of some of the medication he has been on and because of this heart deal he has been having a few seizures. That is why he has been in the hospital the last couple of days. One thing is he has told me and the people around him, I forgot how many hits he had for his birthday, those things right there. Those are the things that people like me and Scott, of all the things I cherish in this business are things like that. I know all the comments and all the great feedback he got for his birthday and about his condition has been good. I hope people keep that up."
Here are some other highlights from the interview:
On Ric Flair: "I think everyone has opinions. That is what they are, opinions. Of course we know what that is tied to. It's tied to the whole thing with me and Arn [Anderson]. They are best friends so you wouldn't blame a guy to feel like that. I'm sure I'm not the only person that supposedly Ric talked bad about. It seems like a guy who could be jealous about a lot of things. I don't know. Honestly, when I've been around the guy he has been as cordial, nice and polite as anyone I ever met. I can only judge by that. I'm only going to judge you by how you treat me face-to-face. I experienced it first when I started in the business. I couldn't believe things like that happened with grown people, but it does unfortunately. Again, I can only judge Ric by the way he has treated me and talked to me and presented himself face-to face. That is all I know about Ric Flair as a gentlemen, cordial, nice and polite. His opinions about me not being good for the business and things like that, again, that is his opinion. My opinion is I've done pretty good for the business."
On Returning After Breaking His Leg In WCW: "First it was just a personal goal for me. I wanted to say that I could get back, that I could do the physical things in the ring that I wanted to do...Some days I can run sprints close to 95 percent and some days I can't. It's weird because I can run 100 percent uphill like up bleachers and stuff like that. That has a lot to do with where my injury was, so low in my leg. It's been a tough deal. My first time back was in Montreal and I was just a guest referee and at that point I was just on a cane. I couldn't walk more than 40-75 yards without having to stop and sit down. Every place I go to now is to see some people I've met before, especially if it was a good show. Even if it was a weird show like over the summer, that Gathering with the Insane Clown Posse. To me it was one of the best nights I've had in a long time because I got to basically see a lot of the people I knew in this business. It's fun still."
On A WWE Return: "I've talked to Johnny [Ace] a couple of times. Johnny called me back and said at the time they had anything at the moment and I haven't heard back from him. So I would probably guess there is no interest there. So that is where that stands."
More On Scott Hall: "Me and Scott, our careers go back to being in the business six months and having a match with him in Columbus, Mississippi when I was Lord Humongous and I had never taken a bump the whole time. That was the deal for me was to never take a bump. He came in one night as a special attraction. I guess he was hitting all the circuits coming off that AWA TV. He kicked me in the gut and kicked my leg under me. The place went crazy. He didn't realize that was the first time I've been off my feet. So that is where me and Scott started.

Mick Foley will be traveling to the UK for a book signing on November 11th at Watersone's in Piccadilly in London and November 12th at Waterstone's at the Trafford Centre in Manchester.

British men's magazine Shortlist has an article on the death rate of professional wrestlers in their November 24th issue.

During the beginning of last night's episode of TSN's Off the Record, host Michael Landsberg said they taped an episode with Mick Foley that will be airing on November 10th. In the interview Foley states that he believes he has suffered permanent brain damage from his time in wrestling.
He will also appear on the Daily Show on that same date.

The music video for Mickie James' TNA Wrestling theme song, Hardcore Country, premiered this week on the international program Xplosion. Dixie Carter's husband, Serge Salinas, also took part in the recording of the song, offering additional vocals. The video can be viewed here.

RVD will be doing stand up comedy on November 11th at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at 1000 Universal Studios Blvd. #22 in Universal City, CA. If you use the code HO, you can get 2 for one tickets at TheJonLovitzComedyClub.com. RVD will be the headlining comedian that night.

Terry Taylor called Sabu and told him that he was being "let go" from TNA following tonight's PPV. Taylor said that creative had "nothing for him", therefore they were letting him go. Sabu was not happy with this at all. He says he'll still be appearing at tonight's PPV, but is very unhappy about this situation.
The wrestling veteran will be competing in the match between EV 2.0 and Fortune, which features a stipulation where the winning team is permitted to fire a member of the losing team. It is unknown at this time whether his departure will tie into the storyline.
Officials originally intended to conclude the feud between the two factions last month at Bound for Glory, but ultimately decided to string it through Turning Point or this week's set of iMPACT! tapings.

Tommy Dreamer wrote on Twitter that he is scheduled to see a doctor today to diagnose his wrist injury from the Turning Point pay-per-view a couple of nights ago, as the bone is sticking out. He also suffered a black eye during his match with Rob Van Dam.

There was an incident after Monday night's TNA iMPACT tapings in Orlando. The company plugged that fans could get photos taken with Jeff Hardy after the tapings were over for $25.
When that time came, Hardy came out and began insulting Jeremy Borash and the fans. He then told the fans to take their money and "go buy groceries" before going into the back and not returning.
After a few minutes, TNA and Universal Studios employees began to refund the money. TNA and Universal staff were said to be completely confused and caught off-guard. Several fans and kids were upset about the situation.
No word on what is behind the incident just yet.

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I'm back.

I know it took me a long time to get there, but I've finally returned with a new charger (that shit-seller on ebay took a week and a half to send me the bloody charger), and I'm just going to get back to you guys with RECENT news in a day or so, since I'm actually quite busy today. I said recent because if I am to update about everything that happened in the past 2 and a half week, it would take me half a day to tell you about it.
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