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Kevin Nash leaving TNA, Hardy Boys update.

Kevin Nash went on Twitter last night to say he's leaving TNA.
"4 days left and I'm done, hope you that enjoyed me and are left happy. I always did my best with a beaten body. thanks and goodbye," Nash said at 3 AM on the 9th of October.
Nash is scheduled for Bound For Glory this Sunday and the "four days" could mean he'll be at iMPACT!.
He also said he's not going to WWE.
"Time to be a husband and dad this part of my life is over. If I'm worth nothing than I need to stay at home. Thanks TNA 4 letting me go," Nash said.

SLAM! Wrestling recently conducted an interview with TNA Women's Knockout Champion Angelina Love, who discussed numerous topics including how much longer she plans to continue wrestling, her character becoming fan friendly, and the numerous people impersonating online.
When asked about the recently reunited pairing of she and Velvet Sky, she noted her reservations of the group becoming fan-friendly.
"It's been different working as a babyface," Love said of the change. "I was very skeptical at first, because it's so easy to do that character as a heel. But the fans really accepted it, and they've been really happy about it, especially to have us going against Madison."
While Love is very healthy, she doesn't foresee herself "wrestling forever." She noted to SLAM! when her current TNA contract expires.
"I know that I'm not going to be able to wrestle forever, that my body will one day not let me continue to do it," she said. "But, my body is still moving, I'm not burned out on travel, and I still love it, it's still fun. So I definitely want to keep doing it.
"(My current contract goes) until the end of 2012, so I definitely want to be doing that," she said about her long-term plans. "Eventually, I definitely want to get into acting. I feel that I speak well, and I can play a good character."

The founding member of The Beautiful People also took the opportunity to clear up her status online as there are numerous people posing as her across various social networking websites.
"I want my fans to know this. I do not have FormSpring, I do not have Beebo, I do not have Twitter, there is someone who is posing as me on Twitter. I have a Facebook page," she continued, "but it's just for friends and family. The posers are ridiculous. I've actually written some of them, telling them, 'You suck, get a life, and stop imitating me.' Then," she laughed disbelievingly, "they get mad at me!"
"(For fans), I have a Myspace page, at myspace.com/angel_williams14, and my official fansite at angel-williams.net. I hope people check those out, because I do appreciate everyone's support."
The complete interview can be read here.

Former WWE talent Tammy Sytch (a/k/a Sunny) explained during an interview with Women's Wrestling Today that she loathes TNA Wrestling because when her longtime boyfriend died, Chris Candido, they refused to forward her his last paycheck (for the final shows he appeared, including the show he broke his ankle in, which led to the surgery in which he got an infection and ultimately died from) so she could pay off his outstanding bills.
"They refused, because we weren't legally married. So bills I had of his, in both our names, ended up being my sole responsibility. It was only a $1,500 check, but still. 
F*****g scumbags. 
They had Terry Taylor call me and tell me that. So he basically broke his ankle and died for free. They sent the check in his name, which I couldn't endorse and deposit. When I asked them to cut me a new check in my name, they said no."
It should also be noted that in 2008, TNA Wrestling's creative department contemplated a storyline where Kurt and Karen would split up and have new on-screen relationships. Sytch was the leading candidate for the woman to have a relationship with Kurt. However, a TNA wrestler with influence implored the company not to hire the former WWE Diva, feeling "it wouldn't work out." The idea was ultimately dropped.

TNA Wrestling has reportedly re-signed Team 3D � Brother Ray and Brother Devon � to new contracts. It is said that the duo agreed to new contracts with the organization shortly before their appearance on the recent Northeast house show loop.
There is strong talk of splitting the pair, with Devon working as a babyface, and Ray working as a heel. Should the change occur, both will become singles wrestlers.
Ray and Devon made their first television appearance in two months during Thursday's live iMPACT! broadcast, promising a major announcement for tonight's Bound for Glory pay-per-view.

According to TMZ, Jersey Shore's JWoWW is heading to TNA.
JWoWW, aka Jenni Farley, has signed to appear on Thursday's episode of iMPACT!. The show is taped tonight. She'll likely mix it up with Robbie and Cookie, known as "The Shore."
JWoWW will pull in $15,000 for the appearance, and she is negotiating for more appearances.

Hulk Hogan was moving around slowly last night at the Bound for Glory PPV, and was in some pain.
Overall it was said that he was moving around pretty well, and not as bad as they portrayed when he first appeared on camera last night.
When Hogan arrived at the PPV, he was sequestered in a room and stayed there until it was time for his appearance in the main event.

 Following Jeff Hardy's heel turn at the conclusion of TNA Bound For Glory, Jeff and his brother Matt went online and spoke about the surprise event. Jeff Hardy took a shot at WWE on Twitter last night after a fan called him out for turning heel Hardy wrote in reply to the fan: "would u admit it's stronger ThanThatWackAssNexusTeaseWithCena?
Matt Hardy posted a new video blog after TNA's Bound For Glory pay-per-view last night. Regarding his brother Jeff's heel turn, Matt said that's the reason he's been doing everything he's been doing lately and the reason he put WWE in his "rear-view mirror." Hardy said he's got to cross the line because family comes first and he refuses to abandon his brother. Matt said he heard the news about Jeff turning heel about seven or eight weeks ago. 

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