dinsdag 9 november 2010

Hulk Hogan's weirdness, Incident involving Jeff Hardy at TNA iMPACT tapings.

As you all have probably heard by now, recently a video game website (Kotaku.com) posted an odd video of TNA star Hulk Hogan playing the new "Def Jam Rapstar" video game with Jimmy Hart and his daughter, Brooke.
Everything is fine until Hulk apparently gets bored with the game and flashes his "junk" to the camera. Yes, he flashed his penis with his daughter standing several feet away. Brooke saw what went down and responded with a surprised "Whoa, Dad, whoa" as the video cuts out.
It should be noted that Hogan received a lot of negative press several years back when photos leaked online of him applying tanning oil to his daughters butt and legs. Hulk's current real-life girlfriend also looks like Brooke's identical twin.
Hogan's private parts were censored in the video with a black box, but it was pretty apparent exactly what Hogan was doing.
Now, Hogan has gone on Twitter and has responded to the story:
"Be on the lookout for press, from people apologizing and releases of real footage from the video with nothing but good, clean fun"
He then added:
"My real friends and fans know what I'm really all about and after 30 years, I'm not about public displays of private parts."
A link to this new, uncensored, short version of the video can be found here.
I was going to place a link to it on the "here" part of the last line, but I can't find a link to the video. I'll edit it in as soon as I have it.

TNA Wrestling officials have had discussions with former WWE performer Serena Deeb in regards to joining the organization.
Serena was part of CM Punk's Straight Edge Society back when she was still at the WWE.

In an effort to protect the health of wrestlers and reduce the frequency of concussions, TNA Wrestling has banned unprotected chair shots to the head, according to Ken Anderson.
Anderson told the Between The Ropes radio show this week, "TNA has absolutely thrown down the gauntlet and said no more unprotected chair shots... And every time there is a chair involved in the ring, the agents will come up and say please make sure for me that you are not going to ... that you're going to put your hand up. Please tell me you're going to put your hand up or it's going to be a back shot or something like that."
Anderson, who is currently out of action after a chair shot from Jeff Hardy busted his head open and caused a concussion, says even when wrestlers try to protect each other, accidents happen.
"The chair shot that I received from Jeff Hardy was not intended to hit the back of my head. I heard through the grapevine that there were some people who were concerned about that. That was an accident and, you know what, in our business, accidents are going to happen."

Bobby Lashley has relaunched his website, which you can check out at http://www.lashleyperformance.com/

Jeff Hardy returns to court on December 8th in Superior Court of Moore County in North Carolina. He faces the following charges:
* Conspiracy to Traffic in Opium
* Trafficking in Opium by Possession
* 2 Counts of Possession with Intent to Distribute
* Felony Possession of Cocaine
* Felony Maintaining a Controlled Substance in a Vehicle/Dwelling/Place
* Misdemeanor Possession of Drug Paraphernalia  

Scott Hall is hospitalized after undergoing surgery to implant a pacemaker in his heart. Sid Vicious discussed Hall's health during an interview last night with Ring Side Radio:

"His condition is this, I think everybody knows a little about, he just received a little thing in his heart where it monitors his heart beat and if it gets too low it kicks his heart back in because of some of the medication he has been on and because of this heart deal he has been having a few seizures. That is why he has been in the hospital the last couple of days. One thing is he has told me and the people around him, I forgot how many hits he had for his birthday, those things right there. Those are the things that people like me and Scott, of all the things I cherish in this business are things like that. I know all the comments and all the great feedback he got for his birthday and about his condition has been good. I hope people keep that up."
Here are some other highlights from the interview:
On Ric Flair: "I think everyone has opinions. That is what they are, opinions. Of course we know what that is tied to. It's tied to the whole thing with me and Arn [Anderson]. They are best friends so you wouldn't blame a guy to feel like that. I'm sure I'm not the only person that supposedly Ric talked bad about. It seems like a guy who could be jealous about a lot of things. I don't know. Honestly, when I've been around the guy he has been as cordial, nice and polite as anyone I ever met. I can only judge by that. I'm only going to judge you by how you treat me face-to-face. I experienced it first when I started in the business. I couldn't believe things like that happened with grown people, but it does unfortunately. Again, I can only judge Ric by the way he has treated me and talked to me and presented himself face-to face. That is all I know about Ric Flair as a gentlemen, cordial, nice and polite. His opinions about me not being good for the business and things like that, again, that is his opinion. My opinion is I've done pretty good for the business."
On Returning After Breaking His Leg In WCW: "First it was just a personal goal for me. I wanted to say that I could get back, that I could do the physical things in the ring that I wanted to do...Some days I can run sprints close to 95 percent and some days I can't. It's weird because I can run 100 percent uphill like up bleachers and stuff like that. That has a lot to do with where my injury was, so low in my leg. It's been a tough deal. My first time back was in Montreal and I was just a guest referee and at that point I was just on a cane. I couldn't walk more than 40-75 yards without having to stop and sit down. Every place I go to now is to see some people I've met before, especially if it was a good show. Even if it was a weird show like over the summer, that Gathering with the Insane Clown Posse. To me it was one of the best nights I've had in a long time because I got to basically see a lot of the people I knew in this business. It's fun still."
On A WWE Return: "I've talked to Johnny [Ace] a couple of times. Johnny called me back and said at the time they had anything at the moment and I haven't heard back from him. So I would probably guess there is no interest there. So that is where that stands."
More On Scott Hall: "Me and Scott, our careers go back to being in the business six months and having a match with him in Columbus, Mississippi when I was Lord Humongous and I had never taken a bump the whole time. That was the deal for me was to never take a bump. He came in one night as a special attraction. I guess he was hitting all the circuits coming off that AWA TV. He kicked me in the gut and kicked my leg under me. The place went crazy. He didn't realize that was the first time I've been off my feet. So that is where me and Scott started.

Mick Foley will be traveling to the UK for a book signing on November 11th at Watersone's in Piccadilly in London and November 12th at Waterstone's at the Trafford Centre in Manchester.

British men's magazine Shortlist has an article on the death rate of professional wrestlers in their November 24th issue.

During the beginning of last night's episode of TSN's Off the Record, host Michael Landsberg said they taped an episode with Mick Foley that will be airing on November 10th. In the interview Foley states that he believes he has suffered permanent brain damage from his time in wrestling.
He will also appear on the Daily Show on that same date.

The music video for Mickie James' TNA Wrestling theme song, Hardcore Country, premiered this week on the international program Xplosion. Dixie Carter's husband, Serge Salinas, also took part in the recording of the song, offering additional vocals. The video can be viewed here.

RVD will be doing stand up comedy on November 11th at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at 1000 Universal Studios Blvd. #22 in Universal City, CA. If you use the code HO, you can get 2 for one tickets at TheJonLovitzComedyClub.com. RVD will be the headlining comedian that night.

Terry Taylor called Sabu and told him that he was being "let go" from TNA following tonight's PPV. Taylor said that creative had "nothing for him", therefore they were letting him go. Sabu was not happy with this at all. He says he'll still be appearing at tonight's PPV, but is very unhappy about this situation.
The wrestling veteran will be competing in the match between EV 2.0 and Fortune, which features a stipulation where the winning team is permitted to fire a member of the losing team. It is unknown at this time whether his departure will tie into the storyline.
Officials originally intended to conclude the feud between the two factions last month at Bound for Glory, but ultimately decided to string it through Turning Point or this week's set of iMPACT! tapings.

Tommy Dreamer wrote on Twitter that he is scheduled to see a doctor today to diagnose his wrist injury from the Turning Point pay-per-view a couple of nights ago, as the bone is sticking out. He also suffered a black eye during his match with Rob Van Dam.

There was an incident after Monday night's TNA iMPACT tapings in Orlando. The company plugged that fans could get photos taken with Jeff Hardy after the tapings were over for $25.
When that time came, Hardy came out and began insulting Jeremy Borash and the fans. He then told the fans to take their money and "go buy groceries" before going into the back and not returning.
After a few minutes, TNA and Universal Studios employees began to refund the money. TNA and Universal staff were said to be completely confused and caught off-guard. Several fans and kids were upset about the situation.
No word on what is behind the incident just yet.

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I'm back.

I know it took me a long time to get there, but I've finally returned with a new charger (that shit-seller on ebay took a week and a half to send me the bloody charger), and I'm just going to get back to you guys with RECENT news in a day or so, since I'm actually quite busy today. I said recent because if I am to update about everything that happened in the past 2 and a half week, it would take me half a day to tell you about it.
So yeah, see you guys tomorrow.

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Will not be posting till...

Heya everyone,

The charger-cord of my laptop broke down past sunday night, so I will not be able to update until at least the coming Monday. I will have to buy a new one and don't have long-term access to any computer until then.
I am writing you this message from work, but it speaks for itself that I can't give you guys complete updates from here. I hope you guys can forgive me for this.

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zaterdag 16 oktober 2010

Luna's and Lance Cade's death cause of dead revealed, Several people on Matt Hardy's release.

Ok, ok, I know both Lance Cade and Luna both weren't TNA performers, but they were wrestlers nonetheless. Therefore, I am going to make a short notice about both their death causes.
Lance Cade died on August 13, 2010 from accidentally ingesting multiple drugs combined with the effects of a an enlarged heart, according to an autopsy report from a medical examiner in San Antonio, Texas.
Luna's cause of death is an accidental overdose of painkillers and anti-anxiety medication.

Now, on to real TNA news:
TNA Wrestling's decision to turn Jeff Hardy heel was made approximately seven weeks ago.
The creative department felt that it was adamant that the group Abyss had been referring to as "they" for the past several months include the TNA World Heavyweight Champion and it was determined that Hardy and Rob Van Dam were the prime options.

With Mr. Anderson off of the weekend house shows, as a wrestler, Tommy Dreamer will be replacing him. 
Mr. Anderson is suffering from an, to me, unknown injury he got this past week.

Following his tryout dark match against Stevie Richards at the recent iMPACT! tapings, CBS Big Brother star Jessie Godderz has reportedly been offered a TNA developmental deal, where he will train at the Team 3D Wrestling Academy until being called up to iMPACT!.
Godderz has been going by the name 'Mr. Pectacular' and has done some Indy work with WFX in Canada.

Booker T had an interview with someone I can't figure out where they're from, honestly.
Their names are Dave LaGreca and Doug Mortma.
If any of you guys know what station, or newspaper they're from, please let me know in a comment, so I can edit that in.
 On to the interview though,
Whether He Would return To TNA or WWE: "I'm a free agent, It's about making a phone call. I left on good terms. I'm pretty good friends with Terry Taylor. I left on good terms with Dixie Carter. But I don't want to get back on that WWE schedule; I would be willing to do commentary. I'd be willing to work behind the scenes (with WWE)."
Why He Went To TNA: "I went there to make those young guys a lot better, guys like A.J. (Styles), (Robert) Roode, Black Machismo, and the list goes on and on. The Main Event Mafia could still be going today. The wrestling business is all about the young guys coming up and taking those spots."
TNA Rehashing Old Angles: "I feel the past should be left in the past. You cannot recreate WCW. TNA was in a great position to move up to the next level."
Rumors of Him Leaving a Live Event and Not Putting Over Matt Morgan: "It was one live event, overseas, and there was not any security. The fans were throwing full cans of beer. I felt unsafe working in that environment. I did not want to put over Matt Morgan that night because I had never had a segment with Matt Morgan."

WWE champion Randy Orton wrote on Twitter that he checked out TNA iMPACT! this week for only the "second time ever" and shared his thoughts on the TNA product.
"Samoa Joe can move. Miss working with (Kurt) Angle and Jeff. Coulda done w/o the JWoW segment tho. I enjoyed the backstage stuff for the most part anyway. Something about the realness of the conversations between some of the talent was really well done."
When a fan seemed surprised that Orton was praising TNA, Orton responded:
"Who said that I do not like TNA? I surely didn't. Never approved of the 8(sic) sided ring tho. Competition is a good thing."
Orton put over TNA TV Champion AJ Styles:  
"Never met him. Can do some amazing things in the ring. IMO has alot to do with tna's early success."
He finished with some comments about Ken Anderson, who was outspoken against Orton following his WWE release:
"The only prob I ever had with Ken was him telling the Internet that I used my 'pull' to get him fired. Not tru, I have no pull."

The UK Sun has an interview up with "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero where he talks about pushing himself to the top of TNA, being a "TNA Original" as oppose to an ex-WWE star, and more. You can check that out at http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/wrestling/

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Jeff Hardy has an interview with the Daily Star that you can check out here. In it he takes WWE to task for how they handled his brother Matt: "I'm not going to give WWE their props for the way they've dealt with Matt. He is such a giving talent, ready to do anything for them, and he's been given the run-around. They've treated him like sh*t. I think if he came here, you would see the happiest, most dangerous and exciting Matt Hardy you've ever seen. I hope that they let him leave and he shows up here any day now."
Ross has commented on the situation, writing on Twitter: "WWE has come to terms on the release of Matt Hardy. Know no details just that fact. Good luck to Matt. Probably best 4 all involved." Over the past several weeks, Hardy had been documenting his interest in a WWE release in YouTube videos. Hardy is expected to join his brother Jeff in TNA Wrestling.
 And: you guys knew this would be coming....
Matt Hardy has posted a new YouTube video about his WWE release. Check it out here.
It is expected that he will make his TNA debut sooner rather than later, but that depends on if there is anything in his so said separation contract that says he can't for a period of time.

That's all for today's update, I hope you guys enjoyed, and forgive me for the amount of WWE updates in this thing, but you know, some were just "important" for TNA as well, and others just had to be noted.
If you don't agree with it, then, well, it just sucks to be you.

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dinsdag 12 oktober 2010

Kevin Nash leaving TNA, Hardy Boys update.

Kevin Nash went on Twitter last night to say he's leaving TNA.
"4 days left and I'm done, hope you that enjoyed me and are left happy. I always did my best with a beaten body. thanks and goodbye," Nash said at 3 AM on the 9th of October.
Nash is scheduled for Bound For Glory this Sunday and the "four days" could mean he'll be at iMPACT!.
He also said he's not going to WWE.
"Time to be a husband and dad this part of my life is over. If I'm worth nothing than I need to stay at home. Thanks TNA 4 letting me go," Nash said.

SLAM! Wrestling recently conducted an interview with TNA Women's Knockout Champion Angelina Love, who discussed numerous topics including how much longer she plans to continue wrestling, her character becoming fan friendly, and the numerous people impersonating online.
When asked about the recently reunited pairing of she and Velvet Sky, she noted her reservations of the group becoming fan-friendly.
"It's been different working as a babyface," Love said of the change. "I was very skeptical at first, because it's so easy to do that character as a heel. But the fans really accepted it, and they've been really happy about it, especially to have us going against Madison."
While Love is very healthy, she doesn't foresee herself "wrestling forever." She noted to SLAM! when her current TNA contract expires.
"I know that I'm not going to be able to wrestle forever, that my body will one day not let me continue to do it," she said. "But, my body is still moving, I'm not burned out on travel, and I still love it, it's still fun. So I definitely want to keep doing it.
"(My current contract goes) until the end of 2012, so I definitely want to be doing that," she said about her long-term plans. "Eventually, I definitely want to get into acting. I feel that I speak well, and I can play a good character."

The founding member of The Beautiful People also took the opportunity to clear up her status online as there are numerous people posing as her across various social networking websites.
"I want my fans to know this. I do not have FormSpring, I do not have Beebo, I do not have Twitter, there is someone who is posing as me on Twitter. I have a Facebook page," she continued, "but it's just for friends and family. The posers are ridiculous. I've actually written some of them, telling them, 'You suck, get a life, and stop imitating me.' Then," she laughed disbelievingly, "they get mad at me!"
"(For fans), I have a Myspace page, at myspace.com/angel_williams14, and my official fansite at angel-williams.net. I hope people check those out, because I do appreciate everyone's support."
The complete interview can be read here.

Former WWE talent Tammy Sytch (a/k/a Sunny) explained during an interview with Women's Wrestling Today that she loathes TNA Wrestling because when her longtime boyfriend died, Chris Candido, they refused to forward her his last paycheck (for the final shows he appeared, including the show he broke his ankle in, which led to the surgery in which he got an infection and ultimately died from) so she could pay off his outstanding bills.
"They refused, because we weren't legally married. So bills I had of his, in both our names, ended up being my sole responsibility. It was only a $1,500 check, but still. 
F*****g scumbags. 
They had Terry Taylor call me and tell me that. So he basically broke his ankle and died for free. They sent the check in his name, which I couldn't endorse and deposit. When I asked them to cut me a new check in my name, they said no."
It should also be noted that in 2008, TNA Wrestling's creative department contemplated a storyline where Kurt and Karen would split up and have new on-screen relationships. Sytch was the leading candidate for the woman to have a relationship with Kurt. However, a TNA wrestler with influence implored the company not to hire the former WWE Diva, feeling "it wouldn't work out." The idea was ultimately dropped.

TNA Wrestling has reportedly re-signed Team 3D � Brother Ray and Brother Devon � to new contracts. It is said that the duo agreed to new contracts with the organization shortly before their appearance on the recent Northeast house show loop.
There is strong talk of splitting the pair, with Devon working as a babyface, and Ray working as a heel. Should the change occur, both will become singles wrestlers.
Ray and Devon made their first television appearance in two months during Thursday's live iMPACT! broadcast, promising a major announcement for tonight's Bound for Glory pay-per-view.

According to TMZ, Jersey Shore's JWoWW is heading to TNA.
JWoWW, aka Jenni Farley, has signed to appear on Thursday's episode of iMPACT!. The show is taped tonight. She'll likely mix it up with Robbie and Cookie, known as "The Shore."
JWoWW will pull in $15,000 for the appearance, and she is negotiating for more appearances.

Hulk Hogan was moving around slowly last night at the Bound for Glory PPV, and was in some pain.
Overall it was said that he was moving around pretty well, and not as bad as they portrayed when he first appeared on camera last night.
When Hogan arrived at the PPV, he was sequestered in a room and stayed there until it was time for his appearance in the main event.

 Following Jeff Hardy's heel turn at the conclusion of TNA Bound For Glory, Jeff and his brother Matt went online and spoke about the surprise event. Jeff Hardy took a shot at WWE on Twitter last night after a fan called him out for turning heel Hardy wrote in reply to the fan: "would u admit it's stronger ThanThatWackAssNexusTeaseWithCena?
Matt Hardy posted a new video blog after TNA's Bound For Glory pay-per-view last night. Regarding his brother Jeff's heel turn, Matt said that's the reason he's been doing everything he's been doing lately and the reason he put WWE in his "rear-view mirror." Hardy said he's got to cross the line because family comes first and he refuses to abandon his brother. Matt said he heard the news about Jeff turning heel about seven or eight weeks ago. 

That's  it for today people! Hope you guys enjoyed the read.

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vrijdag 8 oktober 2010

Special more or less weekly UFC Update.

On the request of a couple of people, I will update you guys about once a week about the news and gossip in and around the UFC. Please keep in mind, that by the time you read this, you may already have heard it from somewhere or someone else.
Now, with that out of the way, let the part for which you are all keeping up with this begin:

The UFC believes Mario Miranda can get back on the right track.
The Brazilian middleweight recently signed a new four-fight contract with the promotion and is aiming to return in the first quarter of 2011, his co-manager, Shy Sadis, told MMAjunkie.com.

Strikeforce women's welterweight champion Sarah Kaufman cuts around 12 pounds to make the 135-pound limit required to defend her belt.
Her next opponent, Marloes Coenen, likely will have a much tougher road to the scale since she's fought the bulk of her MMA career at 145 pounds.

As expected, former welterweight Dustin Hazelett is dropping to 155 pounds to fight Mark Bocek at December's UFC 124 event.

Joseph Benavidez has replaced an injured Brian Bowles and meets fellow bantamweight Wagnney Fabiano next month at WEC 52. 

While word of Roger Gracie's next Strikeforce obligations hit the Web this morning, sources close to the fighter say the standout grappler's future is all but certain.
A rumored matchup between Gracie and the hard-hitting Mike Kyle is possible for "Strikeforce: Henderson vs. Babalu," though it could also take place in late January, according to sources inside.

 A cracked rib has sidelined Eric Lawson, who's been forced out of Saturday's preliminary-card bout with Ron Keslar at "Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Noons II."

Former Sengoku featherweight champion Masanori Kanehara has been added to this month's World Victory Road Sengoku Raiden Championship 15 event.

This month's UFC 120 event will be the Ultimate Fighting Championship's most successful European show to date.
That's the word from UFC UK president Marshall Zelaznik, who today hosted a media conference call in anticipation of the Oct. 16 event.
UFC 120 takes place at The 02 in London, England, and airs via same-day delay on Spike TV. The show is expected to set European attendance and gate records.

That's all for the first UFC post, if you would like more info about any of this, or some other (older) stuff, visit  MMAJunkie.

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dinsdag 5 oktober 2010

TNA Twitter stunt turns out bad, Brutus Beefcake turning TNA?

Local authorities ended up being called after a TNA twitter stunt on Sunday in Columbia, SC.
Jeremy Borash had announced via Twitter he would be at a location near their venue, with a mystery guest, giving out backstage passes . The guest was Shannon Moore. The announcement was re-tweeted by Moore & Jeff Hardy who combined have over 100,000 followers. As you can probably guess, there was a literal stampede of fans who rushed to the location, a parking lot in front of a Dollar General store.
After seeing the huge mob of people assembling, the manager of the store called authorities. As it turns out, the TNA crew had left before police arrived. Upon learning of the issue, TNA sent tickets & backstage passes to the store as a "make good" gesture.
Now, I can see how most of you would find this funny, but imagine yourself being that store owner. Imagine, not being TNA fan (probably), or at least not following Jeff's or Moore's Twitter, thus not knowing about this entire thing, and then just out of nowhere see a very big group of people rushing towards your store. Honestly? I'd shit bricks the size of pyramids.
Also, since we're sort of on the topic of Jeff Hardy already, his next court date is scheduled for Monday, 25th of October. TNA is holding iMPACT! TV tapings that day in Orlando, so it would have to be assumed he will miss that show and be available for the tapings the following day on October 26.

Kurt Angle was said to be upset over Abyss dropping him on his head during a recent iMPACT! match. It was considered a botched maneuver on Abyss' part.

TNA Knockout Chelsea has launched accounts on Facebook, Twitter, eBay, YouTube, as confirmed by her official website, AlisonSkipper.com.
Chelsea noted yesterday on Twitter that her purse was stolen.
"To whoever stole my purse: I hope you are happy, but remember: What goes around, comes around" is what she wrote.

The following Mick Foley book signings are scheduled for this week�

Monday, October 4
7:00pm EST to 9:00pm EST
Portsmouth Public Library
175 Parrott Avenue
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Tuesday, October 5
7:00pm EST to 9:00pm EST
Boston University Bookstore
660 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02215

Wednesday, October 6
7:00pm EST to 9:00pm EST
11301 Rockville Pike
Kensington, MD 20895

If you happen to live close to any of these, and have time to actually go there, could anybody try to get me a picture of yourself, with him, and then send it to me? That would be awesome. Thanks in advance.

TNA Wrestling officials are hopeful that the disclosure of "They" at Bound for Glory will hook a number of fans to purchase the pay-per-view event. The widespread assumption amongst the TNA locker room is that "They" will be revealed as a combination of Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and possibly Jeff Jarrett.
Though D'Angelo Dinero cut what was described as a 'heelish promo' on Thursday's iMPACT!, many believe he, Sting and Kevin Nash will turn babyface once "They" is revealed.
Of course, nothing is confirmed and anything can change between now and TNA Bound for Glory.

Former WWE talent Ed Leslie (a/k/a Brutus Beefcake) said on the Miami sports talk radio show The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz Friday that he's joining Hulk Hogan in TNA Wrestling. He noted they're going to be "starting from scratch and going nWo style."

That's all for today folks, let me know if you want to know more on a certain subject. Also, let me know if you can get me an autograph :P

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